Wholesale Glass Bowls

At AuxArkTrading.com we carry all of the glass parts needed for water pipes & bongs. Water Pipes may be durable, but the working parts always seem to break. That's why Aux Ark Trading sells a full line of replacement parts for your glass bong needs. Whether you need male stems, female glass downstems, glass on glass bowls, 9 mil glass bowls, inside out glass bowls, grommets, or glass on glass down stems, we have the parts your customers are needing for their glass water pipes. Glass Bong parts are an easy up sell for any type of store carry water pipes. For these reason, thousands of customers have parented with Aux Ark Trading to supply their stores replacement bowls, slides, grommets, and down stems for their marijuana dispensaries, recreational cannabis store, adult store, smoke shop, headshop, and other retail stores.

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12mm Female Glass Downstem 2inch
12mm Female Glass Downstem 2" ..

12mm Female Glass Downstem 3inch
12mm Female Glass Downstem 3" ..

14mm GONG Wig Wag Bowl
14mm Glass on Glass Wig Wag Bowl ..

14x14mm GONG Downstem
14x14mm Glass on Glass Downstem ..

14x18mm GONG Downstem
14x18mm Glass on Glass Downstem ..

18mm GONG Wig Wag Bowl
18mm Glass on Glass Wig Wag Bowl ..

18mm x 18mm Converter
18mm x 18mm water pipe to oil rig converter ..

18x18mm GONG Downstem
18x18mm Glass on Glass Downstem ..

200 Pack Glass Screens
200 Pack Glass Screens ..

9mm BOCB Assorted Length
9mm Blown Out Clear Bowl Assorted Lengths.  Please call if you need a certain length. 877.872.7..